Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unboxing: Wonderbox Beauty Box August 2013

Previous Post on Wonderbox Beauty Box:
Got a lot of stuff and junks here and there and I guess it's time to give any beauty box subscribtion a rest for a while. But now I'm back with August Wonderbox ;)
Product List
Dermedex Challenge Pack [worth RM30] that consist of:
  • Dermedex Bio'tox Cleanser
Bio'tox cleanser helps to unclog pores while moisturising your skin. This deep cleansing blend is a necessity to any skin care regime and regular use will help achieve a brighter and clearer complexion. It can dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing while restoring the supple, glowing properties of a healthy skin.
  • Dermedex Refining Cream 2
Refining Cream 2 is quick and effective for problem prone skin, such as those with pimples, big open pores and dull appearance. It penetrates to the dermis layer of skin to dissolve sebum [the oily, waxy subtance secreted by oil glands] and thoroughly cleanses skin. Regular use will encourage your skin's natural defences to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation while restoring your youthful radiant complexion.

Ginvera Real SPA Shower - Green Tea Revitalising Shower Scrub 250ml
Ginvera Real SPA Shower series is beneficial to your skin by rejuvenating your skin daily! Skin gets tired and stressed especially if you work in an air-conditioned environment or if you are exposed to direct sunlight for hours. Hence, a shower scrub & gel that can reverse these damaging effect is essential in your daily body care regime.

Bloop Nail Polish 6ml [worth RM7] H126
No time for manicure? The Bloop is formulated to try within a minute. Enjoy this quick drying, ultra glossy and long lasting nail polish for a hassle-free manicure at home.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack
As skin cell renew at night, this product is formulated with "Progressive Release System" to continuously release intensive moisture throughout the night.
Contains purified Hyaluronic Acid, Olive extract and Ionic Mineral Complex that helps enhance skin translucency, firms up skin and reduces fine lines so that you wake up to amazingly hydrated, soft and supple skin in the morning.

NuTeen Acne Away Gel 3g samples, Nuteen Blackheads Away Gel 5g x 3 samples and NuTee Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser 30g sample
Ma Cherie Moisture Shampoo 12ml and Ma Cherie Moisture Conditioner 12ml

My Verdict:
Dermedex Challenge Pack sound interesting and I would love to give it a go. Ginvera Shower Scrub smell pleasantly refreshing and I guess I would repurchase it. I noticed that some subscriber received Skinz UV White BB Cream instead of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack. NuTeen samples is so-so as I don't like skincare stuff in sachet. Same goes for Cherie samples, how to determine whether it works for you or not with only 2-3 application (+______+)" I prefer full size item for item like this. Ah well, I'm quite disappointed with the nail polish as I don't use nail polish much but overall I guess it's worth my money. 

For more information on Wonderbox, you can find it [HERE] and Wonderbox Malaysia on Facebook.


Farah Waheda Wahid said...

wonderbox ni memang awesome dan best... *_^

NJ said...

rasanya sample skincare untuk tengok samada kita ada alergik atau negative reaction segera.. so, better cuba sample. klu nak tgk kesan positive dlm jangka masa singkat, mmg tak leh la..

Suzlin Azreena Nordin said...

Yep! (^______^)

Suzlin Azreena Nordin said...

Betul juga. Huhuhu~ everyone have their own opinion.